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Raw Water, Tube Well Water, Ultrapurewater and Demineralized Water Treatment System

Sustainable Solutions in Ultra Pure Water and Demineralized Water Treatment in Malaysia

Soon Ngai Sdn Bhd recognises the benefits of water treatment technology in terms of corporate competitiveness and long-term growth. Soon Ngai Sdn Bhd will use resources more efficiently, as seen by its commitment to technology and investment in R&D, initiatives, and competency development in Malaysia.

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Effluent /Waste water Treatment in Malaysia

Soon Ngai Sdn Bhd is a worldwide leader in the development and delivery of innovative and ecologically friendly wastewater technology and services to a wide variety of sectors. Our extensive system portfolio is designed to be both cost-effective and extremely dependable.

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Chemical for RO/ Boiler/ Cooling Tower/ Chiller Water Treatment

In all industrial fields, demand for cooling water is ever increasing for application such as heat exchangers, chillers, refrigerator coolers and condensers. Therefore, maintaining the effectiveness of the cooling tower performance becoming more critical.

We have developed the Orgafilm Series of chemicals for cooling water treatment in order to prevent scale formation, to minimize corrosion and to reduce microbiological growth.

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Thermal Deaeration System

Thermal Deaeration system which is a water treatment technology that removes dissolved oxygen and other dissolved gases from water by increasing the water temperature and the pressure and this is achieved in our Thermal Deaerator by steam injection.

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RO/UF Membrane Clean In Place (CIP) & Ion Exchange Resin Regeneration

How To Clean Membranes

Successful membrane cleaning relies on both the effectiveness of the cleaning compounds, their professional application and the design and operation of the cleaning equipment. For the best results, membrane cleaning should be performed with both high and low pH cleaning chemicals.

What Is Resin Regeneration

Over the course of one or more service cycles, resin will become exhausted, meaning that it can no longer facilitate ion exchange reactions. This happens when contaminant ions have bound to nearly all available active sites on the resin matrix. Put simply, regeneration is a process where anionic or cationic functional groups are restored to the spent resin matrix. This is accomplished through the application of a chemical regenerant solution, though the exact process and regenerants used will depend upon several process factors.

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