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Industrial Water Solutions

We provide a complete spectrum of leading edge technologies for large scale water treatment systems


River Water Treatment Plant

River water treatment plant is the process of removing contaminants from stagnant or flowing river water


Boiler and Cooling Tower Treatment

We consist of a team of dedicated chemical specialists with proven track record in supplying high quality chemicals at very affordable costs for boiler and cooling tower.



To remove suspended solids, turbidity and many dissolved contaminants found in water supplies and wastewater


Instrumentation & Control

We provide highly functional Instrumentation's, equipment's and engineering control systems

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About Soon Ngai Engineering Sdn Bhd

Through the years, with growing awareness and technological capabilities.



Filtration Media
FRP Tank
Ion Exchange Resin
Chemical or Testing Tablets
Ultraviolet Sterelizer UV
RO Membrane

Our Services

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River/Raw Water Treatment System
Ultra Pure Water, Demineralized (DI) System
Reserve Osmosis (RO), Ultrafiltration System
(EDI) System
Ultraviolet Sterilizer (UV) System
Sand/Multi Media/Carbon Filter
Wastewater Treatment System
Tubewell Water Treatment System

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