Food Industry Machine Cleaning

Cleaning helps increase the effectiveness of sanitation efforts by removing organic material such as dirt, soil and debris at a visible surface level. This organic matter can be a breeding ground for bacteria. We provide chemical and service consultation to all types of food processing industry such as slaughter house, ice making factory, etc.

  • CIP Food Processing Machine Cleaner

– Specially blended acidic descaling chemical for use in cleaning food processing machine whereby materials to be cleaned are engineering plastics, PVC or stainless steel materials. This formulation is suitable to be used as a CIP cleaner (Clean In Place) whereby normal flushing by means of water rinse through is adequate.

  • Alkaline Food Processing Machine Flushing Chemical

-It is a heavy-duty alkaline cleaner formulated into liquid form to provide excellent cleaning action of equipment surfaces fouled by oil, grease and other forms of dirt. For newly setup water systems such as boilers, heat exchangers, hot and chilled water systems or process cooling systems, all forms of dirt must be removed before initial startup. It serves this purpose best, and also prepares the surfaces for more effective corrosion control by inhibitors. It can also be used to clean old equipment and systems that is fouled by oil or other greasy contaminants.

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