Powder Activated Carbon

Brand: VeSORB

Activated carbon features highly developed porous structure and large special surface, especially large micropore volume, and also great hardness, wear and impact resistance, and ease of regeneration.

Due to its highly developed porous structure and huge specific surface area, activated carbon has very strong adsorption capacity.

Activated carbon can also be impregnated with chemicals to produce impregnated activated carbons. Thus, it is used at an excellent adsorbent, to find wide applications in industrial production, environmental protection, and water purification.


The activated carbon plays a non-fungible important role in preparation of highly pure water and increasingly significant role in purification of industrial wastewater. It is also a top-grade purifying material to be used in preparation of highly pure water in prior removal of COD & BOD and other detrimental impurities in large volume feed water. Still, it can effectively remove COD, BOD, color, free chlorine and odor.

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